Wobbly Boot
With the recent review of Bunny Burger somewhat of a debate amongst AE members was started. The subject of debate was believe it or not burgers. Now this reviewer is a dedicated fan of Bunny Burger however this does not blind him to the quality of other food establishments so when I heard about the Wobbly Boot it was decided the next review should be done there. The Wobbly Boot is in many ways your classic Angeles Restaurant with an emphasis on large servings of good wholesome meals at competitive prices. The Wobbly Boot is what I refer to as old school and places an emphasis on selling beverages along with the food. The drinks are reasonably priced and this is as much a pub as it is a restaurant.



Address: 29-C San Angelo Street, Josefa Subdivision, Angeles City

Phone #: 0929-127-9987, 0939-437-0177

Opening Hours: 7:00am till 1am

Email: rosalie_ph2001@yahoo.com


The Wobbly Boot is in many ways your archetypal old school Angeles restaurant which is marketed towards expatriates living in Angeles full time combined with tourists who are here on an extended vacation or even tourists who are conscious of their expenditure and are craving the taste of a good wholesome meal at a decent price. Being situated on San Angelo Street a little side street just next to Eruptions bar this restaurant/pub relies very much on word of mouth rather than passing trade and judging by the crowd we saw in there on the day of this review the word of mouth is working well. This is a popular restaurant which directly targets the lower and mid range markets.
Burger & Fries


Chicken Cordon Bleu

Classic Meat Pie & Chips

Wobbly Boot is no frills dining at its best and represents excellent value for money. The menu is not large but rather concentrates on specific items which have proved popular amongst it's clientele. Between 11:30 to 3:00 this place is always busy with an eclectic mixture of friendly locals and long term tourists all sitting around enjoying a meal and a drink together with a growing base of new clientele who are hearing about the Wobbly Boot and its large servings of good quality food at very reasonable prices. The locals here seemed very friendly and whilst we were dining one even rang the bell and bought a round of drinks for everyone customer in the place. The Wobbly Boot reminds me in many ways of the pub/restaurant in the VFW which is renowned watering hole for older expats and people on a set budget.

The Wobbly Boot is a fairly small room capable of seating a maximum of twenty people at any one time. This combined with the subdued color scheme, comfortable seating, aroma of home cooked food wafting from the kitchen, friendly service and a cast of characters who have made this their home away from home all combine to create a cozy sort of Cheers like atmosphere but on a much smaller scale and with trappings of Filipino culture in conjunction with American culture. One thing I really liked about was the friendly approach adopted by the owner. There are little hints of this everywhere including the smiling waitresses and a series of caricatures of regular customers painted above the bar.

There are three separate eating tables here one in the far corner which seats four people another one by the front window and another table which has a computer on it but can be used for eating if required. Patrons can also sit around the bar on the bar stools and enjoy a meal and a drink. In this respect it reminded me very much of the now defunct Mogambo café in Makati. The tables in keeping with the general tone of the place are fairly basic and typify the no frills approach. They are plastic, they wobble just as the establishments name would suggest and they are not covered with table cloths. If Yats symbolizes fine dining then the Wobbly Boot is it’s antithesis.

This is certainly basic exemplified with large servings of wholesome food at affordable prices. There is no such thing as presentation or any fancy frills. This is a place for the people who are price conscious and are after value for money. There are also two metal tables outside under the canopy and these make an excellent area to sit and read, enjoy a good meal or just indulge in a refreshing drink as you watch the world go by.This is truly a slice of old school Angeles when times were easier, more relaxing and the world moved at a slower pace.

Some of the most popular dishes include the meat pies with gravy and chips the burgers, the chicken cordon blue and the pork chops with mashed potato. So now back to the burger debate. In my opinion the burgers were good but not as good as the Bunny Burger. I found the bun smaller and it was slightly burnt, the ingredients inside were not nearly as plentiful as the bunny burgers and the burger itself was a smaller proposition. Having said this they are good quality and certainly good value yet personally I have no hesitation in recommending this place if you are hungry and need a good meal to keep you going.

The Wobbly Boot does not have a home delivery service but it does do take out and the numbers are as follows 0929-127-9987 or 0939-437-0177. Its operational hours are 8:30am through to 1am. In my opinion the Wobbly Boot is a basic restaurant with little attention to luxury or detail. The service is functionary as is the presentation but the meals are nice the portions are a good size and the price is certainly attractive. The Wobbly Boot also has seven rooms which is like an Apartele. All the rooms are above the restaurant and are considered by those who stay there as hidden gems and excellent value for money.

This place is certainly popular amongst a select clientele and is in some ways representative of an era gone by. The majority of customers certainly seemed to be in their fifties or over and from what I could gather there was some classic tales being told around the bar. If you want to experience what Angeles used to be then one of the places you should certainly visit is the Wobbly Boot and while you are there tuck into a hearty meal and enjoy a drink or two with some friendly locals who represent a past era when Angeles was a different town than what it is today.



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