Thai Baht
The Thai Baht restaurant is comparatively new being only established last year in 2009. This is where the old Zappatas was for many years which is actually an ideal location being within walking distance of a number of hotels and major Perimeter Road bars. It is owned by a Thai and they strive to create authentic Thai dishes as well as keeping the servings large and the prices very reasonable. The restaurant is open from 11 to 11 daily except every second Monday when it stays closed to give the staff a well earned break. The menu is not what I would call extensive and they have tended to concentrate on the better known and more popular Thai dishes.



Address: 480 Don Juico Ave., Cor. Mayon Street, Angeles City

Phone #: +63 (0)920 555 9517

Opening Hours and Home Delivery: 11am till 11pm

Closed every second Monday


The Thai Baht restaurant is owned and operated by a Thai national and they have gone out of their way to create a more authentic type of Thai cuisine. The menu is limited to what can only be described as the more popular or well known Thai dishes such as the Red and Green curry’s the Thai fish cakes tom yung goom soup and the ubiquitous Pad Thai. When I asked what the best seller was I was told the Pad Thai and then when I tried it I found out why. It was nothing short of excellent.

Now I am not an expert on Thai food but I can honestly say the dishes we had seemed very good, there were large quantities and were reasonably priced.
Beef in oyster sauce

Super Nachos-Squid Shrimp salad

Phad Thai seafood

Dinning Area

I have been eating Thai cuisine for close on thirty years now and although this does not make me an expert it does mean I at least know my way around a Thai menu and can appreciate a good Thai meal when I taste one. All of the dishes we ordered were good quality, large servings and very reasonably priced.

I tried the Pad Thai and to be honest this was some of the best Pad Thai I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The noodles were fresh and cooked perfectly there was just the right amount of sea food and it was pleasantly fresh and tasty. They had none overboard on the Coriander or Lemon Grass which some people when cooking Thai food are prone to do and it literally melted in my mouth. The dish was slightly spiced with just the right amount of chili and washed down with fresh coconut juice. All in all a classic Thai dish and delightful to consume.

Another dish that really impressed me was the Thai fish cake. These are basically fish ground up into a paste then covered with flower and some basic spices and herbs and deep fried. The ones served at the Thai Baht were very flavorsome perfectly cooked gently spiced and the serving was large.

I also recommend diners here try the Thai salads. Thai salads are very much trade mark dishes in the Thai cuisine and the salads here are really something quite special. The two salads that are my favorites are the Green papaya salad with crispy pork flakes and the spicy squid and shrimp salad. Both of these are classic Thai dishes which combine the tangy freshness of green vegetables and fresh herbs together with the tart flavoring of lemon grass and the spicy chili which tends to heighten the taste buds and is so typical of Thai cuisine.

The restaurant itself is medium sized with the capacity to seat about forty people. The seats are functional and comfortable and the air-conditioning was awesome. There are basically six different tables scattered throughout the restaurant with the big table by the window which can seat up to 8 people dominating the restaurants floor area. This is obviously the party table designed to accommodate larger groups of diners. The other tables can seat between 4 and 6 people and there are four of them scattered throughout the restaurant.

In the front of the restaurant on the left hand side as you enter is the main serving area and wet bar area which is adequately stocked with a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks but in my opinion this is part of the restaurant that could be expanded. Personally I would like to see a better stocked bar with the capacity to make not only shakes but cocktails as well.

Another area which could definitely do with some improvement is the service or waitresses. The waitresses that were on duty when we visited were friendly but hardly well trained. Firstly it took them several attempts to understand my order, then when I had finished one dish but wanted another plate to start my next dish there wasn’t a waitress to be found. This as always is just a matter of training and I am sure they will get the service right when it is necessary.

One thing I found mildly amusing was the fact that they still had mexican dishes on the menu. I would assume this is a left over from this restaurants days as Zapatas but at the end of the day it proved an interesting mix. Young Phoenix whose taste buds rarely venture beyond fried rice or a bunny burger was somewhat at a loss when it came to the Thai food but was able to enjoy the Nachos which come with a tangy cheese sauce.

Young Phoenix came to see me last night in Golden Nile and had this story for me. Apparently the Nachos are not a left over from this establishments days as a Mexican Restaurant but rather they are a unique invention by the owner stroke chef. Apparently the owner spent a lot of time in Manchester England where he discovered that nachos with a slightly spicy cheese sauce were very popular. He then introduced this dish to Thailand where it once again proved extremely popular and now it is in Angeles but can only be found in the Thai Baht Restaurant.

The Thai Baht restaurant does have a delivery service which operates from 11 to 11 but is of course closed every second Monday when the restaurant is closed. The delivery number is +63 (0)920 555 9517 .

One thing I really liked about this restaurant is the atmosphere. It is brightly lit inside and yet quite cozy plus there are even a few hidden corners where dinners can have a more intimate experience if they so desire. The staff are very friendly and the air-conditioner keeps the room at a perfect temperature for dining.The food here is in my opinion good and I would have no hesitation in recommending this restaurant to AE members. If you are a Thai food fan or if you just feel like something a little bit different then this is the place for you. If you eat here try the seafood Pad Thai it really is something special.

Currently the restaurant does not give the AE discount but negotiations are underway and we hope to be able to secure the discount in the very near future.



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