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"My favorite restaurant is Fortune Tea House at the mall that's real Chinese food like we have in Australia". I remember well when Shagger posted these words and everybody had a little chuckle at his criteria of real Chinese food being the type he was used to in Australia. Whilst this was funny for many including myself I knew exactly what he meant and I could relate to what he was trying to express. This restaurant supplies Chinese food exactly the same that is served in the commercialized semi fast food Chinese restaurants in Sydney. Along with Shagger I really like the Fortune tea house as the food is consistently good and they have a large range of dishes to appeal to anyone.



SM Mall Clark Angeles City


The concept of a tea house has been an integral part of Chinese culture for many centuries. Originally the tea house literally served tea and it was a social gathering place where members of Chinese society could meet over cups of tea play games discuss contentious issues or just relax and watch the world go by. The tea house concept has now grown to include the serving of food but the aspect of a social meeting place has been retained and it is very common to see large groups of diners, families, loving couples and even individual diners enjoying a meal here. This is not exactly traditional Chinese food but more like homogenized Chinese food utilizing the traditional ingredients and cooking style but
Beef and brocoli

Sweet and sour pork

Dinning area

Lemon chicken

watered down to appeal to uneducated palates. Be that as it may I personally find the food from this restaurant absolutely delicious and I consider my palate fairly educated at least when it comes to Asian cuisine.

Some of my favorite dishes are the steamed vegetable dumplings, the sweet and sour pork, and the garlic steamed squid. All these dishes should be enjoyed together with the Fortune Tea House special fried rice. Another favorite is the Crab and Sweet Corn Soup which is a trademark chines dish and is absolutely delicious. Also it is a meal in itself and very filling.

The sweet and sour pork is another classic Chinese dish. The pork is delightfully soft and comes smothered with a classic sweet and sour sauce, pineapple, sliced bell peppers, chalots and onions. For those of you not used to Chinese food I recommend this as an introductory dish as it is universally enjoyed by people of all different cultures and age groups.

Th restaurant is located in the food hall of Clark SM Mall and it is extremely popular amongst Filipinos and foreigners alike. Fortune Tea House seats up to 120 people if you include the outside tables, it is immaculately clean, well lit,and the service here is friendly and efficient. The main dining area features approximately 20 tables and each table comfortably holds 4 to 6 people.

Along the right hand side of the restaurant there are a series of tables which feature sturdy metal chairs on one side and a comfortable lounge on the other. These are my favorite tables because I find it very relaxing to sit back on the lounge after the meal and enjoy a pot of Chinese tea. Customers are served with spoons and forks but if you wish to use chop sticks these are also available.

In the center of the restaurant is another line of tables but these are bigger ones and can seat up to 8 people each. Since eating is a sociable experience for Filipinos these tables are often occupied by large groups of diners all enjoying a meal at Fortune.

The staff here are excellently trained and very attentive to their customers needs. I got the impression there are several college students working here and some of the girls are very nice looking as well as being good waitresses. The signs of their efficiency are everywhere but one thing that really stood out for me was how clean the restaurant was and on each time I have eaten there I have observed someone sweeping the floors every twenty minutes. Another aspect of their efficiency is the refilling of the bottomless ice tea. I have this every time I eat there and invariably just before I get to the end a staff

member is their filling it up again. The staff also seem well versed when it comes to the Fortune Tea House menu. I have made inquiries of the staff regarding particular dishes on the menu and every time they have been able to provide me with the correct answers.

The Fortune Tea House for me is one of the very best restaurants in Angeles. If you get dragged into the mall like I do and have an aversion to shopping like I do then Im thoroughly recommend a visit to Fortune Tea House. This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a quick meal which is a lot more fun than shopping. The servings are large, the food is excellent quality and best of all it is reasonably priced.



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