Phillies Sports Bar & Grill
Now I know I am a New Zealander which is probably about as far away from Philadelphia as it is possible to get but geographical distance aside I had absolutely no idea why they would call a restaurant Phillies and what was the theme this name was supposed to be representative of. As such I was genuinely intrigued to find out what this place was all about but thanks to Brain Quigley the manager/owner I am now aptly informed and in a much better situation to be able to give a informative review. But before getting down to the nitty-gritty detail let me just say that my overall impression of this place is very positive and I think it will make a very welcome long term addition to the Fields Avenue scene.



Address: 298 Fields Ave, Angeles City
Phone #: 045 892 1999


The theme of this restaurant is basically built around their signature dish the Phillie cheese steak hoagie. Now for those of us non Americans reading this and asking what the heck is a Philadelphia Cheese Steak Hoagie I will now explain. Keep in mind I am no expert but I will relate the story as told to me and leave it up to readers to draw their own conclusions. The Philadelphia Cheese Steak Hoagie is composed of a bread roll with fresh beef diced and fried together with onions and various herbs. This is then placed in the hoagie roll and covered with melted Philadelphia crème cheese. This is an iconic dish only available in Phillies Sports Bar and Grill.
Ham & Cheese Hoagie

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Philadelphia Cheese Steak Hoagie

Pool Table

When Brian started telling me the history of this dish I was more than slightly intrigued and almost as if he had read my mind he discreetly ordered a Phillie cheese steak hoagie and within ten minutes Phoenix and myself were presented with this iconic dish. Not being one who is backwards in coming forwards I rapidly devoured the Cheese steak hoagie and I have to say it was absolutely delicious. I explained to Brian that I am normally reluctant to try beef dishes in the Philippines because the beef is invariably tough and of low quality but this beef inside the hoagie was quite the opposite and was very tasty and tender. When I commented on this he replied yes I agree with you and that’s why we get our beef from the states as well as our crème cheese. To top it off he also explained that they bake fresh bread and pastries every day so the entire hoagie is of top quality and deliciously fresh. I Am not sure if it is the emphasis on quality produce or the attention to time honored tradition when preparing the hoagie but whatever it is it certainly works and the end result is a dangerously delicious signature dish. I say dangerously because as soon as I had it I envisioned many a drunken session devouring one of these. It really would make the perfect food after a hard nights drinking and partying what’s-more Phillies is open 24/7 and will soon have a delivery service which makes it even more tempting.

From the initial reports I wasn’t sure what the food would be like or how long it would take to be prepared but let me say right here and now the food was excellent and it was presented less than fifteen minutes after ordering. I ordered the Classic ham and cheese Hoagie whilst the ever non adventurous Phoenix stuck with the safe and sure spaghetti and meatballs. My Hoagie was excellent it was large and there was plenty of fresh ham along with salami and shredded lettuce and onions. The bread was nice and fresh and the whole contents was lightly flavored with unidentified herbs. I asked Phoenix how was his spaghetti and meatballs to which he replied it was very nice. The meat balls were large and tasty with the meat being fresh and soft whilst the sauce was slightly tangy with a heavy emphasis on fresh tomato along with onions and a range of herbs.

Another dish that we were introduced to by the owner was the Philadelphia crème cheese cake. In case members were not aware I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to sweet deserts so when I was told about the cheese cake I simply replied oh goody bring it on I can’t wait. Well it didn’t take long and I have to admit it was awesome. Once again Brian stressed that they use a classic recipe and only imported Philadelphia crème cheese.

One important aspect of a cheese cake is it should be light and fluffy and this was and the crust was perfect consistency as well. I would have liked a little flavoring such as a strawberry sauce or something but then again I am sweet tooth and for the normal people this cheese cake by itself will probably be more than adequate.

Other signature dishes that were pointed out to us were the entire range of Hoagies the Pizzas which Brian aims at making some of the best in Angeles and the Sabrett Hotdog . The Sabrett hotdog is apparently famous amongst New Yorkers and it is the iconic snack in the city that never sleeps. According to Brian Phillies is the only establishment in Angeles that has the license to sell this famous hotdog and they have it as a dine in dish for 85 piso and a delivered out dish for 95 piso. They are currently building a hotdog wagon which will supposedly cruise Fields Avenue and surrounding area offering the famous Sabrett hotdog for 65 piso. This is quite a bit cheaper than the German owned hotdog stand outside of Lancelot bar.

Situated on the corner of Fields Avenue and Raymond street, Phillies is the old Sub Delicious but it has now undergone seven long months of reconstruction and you would not recognize it as the same building. There has been a lot of forethought that has gone into the design of this place and the end result is a truly impressive establishment that appeals to many different markets on many different levels.
Throughout the entire building there is a heavy emphasis on timber which gives the place a slightly warm and friendly feeling and this is combined with efficiency and modern functionality. This is a big building with two stories and a seating capacity of 145 people. The downstairs area is composed of a series of comfortable wooden seats which are placed along the window so patrons can enjoy a drink and some food whilst they watch the street go by. This is very much a similar scene to that of Kokomos or Margarita Station and is typical of older style Angeles and it happens primarily in the daytime. People in this market are normally on a tighter budget and to cater to them Phillies has lower daytime prices and special attractions such as the draft beer for 45 peso 10AM through to 5PM. After 5 it is considered the night time market and the expatriates on a budget have generally finished their afternoon activities and will be heading back home which leaves room for the totally different night time market .

The night time market is composed of Filipinos and foreigners who come into enjoy a game of pool , listen to the band or just enjoy some decent food while they sit and watch the street go by or indulge in an intimate moment with their partner. In fact when I asked Brian what does he perceive the night time market as being he told me it is a healthy mix of foreigners and Filipinos who are enjoying the food and the ambience of the place but he is also noticing more and more foreigners bringing their dates in as it is a place the girls and their foreign customers can enjoy together. According to Brian the customers like the live band if they are in a party mood and yet on the other hand many will come in to enjoy a moment of intimacy or just have a nice meal with a refreshing drink. Personally I have seen many people try the live band approach and the only example I can think off where it has worked was the Cowboy Grill in Mabini Street, Ermita, Manila. Apart from that I have never seen the live band approach work successfully, however, this is not to say there cannot be a first time and I wish Phillies the best of luck with this endeavor .

There are many nice little touches that make this place stand out and separate it from other venues competing for the same market and kind of add a touch of class to the place. For example they have a misting system that blows mist out into the street this is supposed to keep the temperature inside down and apparently it also scares away the beggars and vendors. The windows looking out onto the street have a glass frame which fills up only one eighth of the window space. Apparently these can be removed and replaced with a full window pane of glass if required. Being a sports bar there is an abundance of flat screen TV’s and according to Brian no matter where you are sitting in the restaurant you will be able to see a minimum of two televisions. These televisions are hooked up to a satellite system and offer sporting events from all over the world. In fact Brian says he has seven different satellite hook ups which means if it is a major sporting event chances are you will be able to view it at Phillies. Another nice touch is the retractable pool table which can be slid out of the way when the band is playing making the area become a perfect dance floor.

Phillies sports bar and grill is really a class establishment with a tasteful and functional design. It is reasonably priced, has an extensive menu of delicious food, soon it will have a delivery service, it is open 24/7, it appeals to a number of different markets, it has a unique ambience combining functionality classiness and comfort, it is a lot more modern than its competitors and most importantly it is in the ideal location. For me I found Phillies as much a statement as anything and they are setting new standards amongst the sports bar restaurant scene. To be honest I found their prices in line with those of their competitors and yet the general environment was far superior which in my opinion gives this place a definite edge. Another thing I liked about Phillies was that there was clearly an emphasis on little details. For example when the food was served it was on a Phillies plate with the establishments logo printed on it and the cutlery was a knife and fork not a spoon and fork. At the time of writing this review Philies was still comparatively new yet the waitresses are well trained and sharply dressed. The waitresses seemed to know the large menu well their English was good and they served us with a welcoming smile and genuinely friendly style. Add to this the fact that generally speaking look really good and I think the waitresses are another reason to visit and enjoy Phillies.

It is very obvious a substantial amount of money has been spent in the development of this place and a lot of forethought and planning has gone on behind the scenes and this for me separates it from places such as Kokomos and Margarita Station. I found Phillies to be a truly pleasurable experience and I recommend members try it as I think it is here to stay and will make a welcome addition to the Fields Avenue scene as a whole.

Best of all Phillies is Asian Escapades friendly and offers a 10% off food and drinks for cash payments discount to all members who present their Asian Escapades membership card.



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