Niji Japanese Restaurant
Welcome to the tantalizing world of Niji Japanese restaurant which in my humble opinion id the best Japanese restaurant in Angeles and possibly even in the entire Philippines.

For me Niji has it all. The menu is large and encompasses a diverse range of Japanese dishes, all the dishes I have tried have been perfectly prepared and presented and the ingredients has always been fresh and of the highest quality. Add to this a tasteful design, private dining rooms a large main dining area capable of seating up to 60 people, a unique Japanese design, a comfortable warm ambience, realistic pricing and you have the classic Japanese restaurant right here in AC.



Don Juico Ave, Friendship, Angeles City 2009

Telephone: (63) 45 893 1737

Opening Hours: 10:30 am - 11:00 pm


Niji Japanese Restaurant is located in the far end Of Don Juico Avenue before it reaches Friendship Highway. It is just past the Maharajah Hotel and Stargate bar.

This is a large restaurant capable of easily seating 100 people yet it is cleverly designed to accommodate bigger groups of diners along with individual couples who just want to enjoy each others company whilst dining out on some delicious Japanese cuisine.

Private dining rooms are scattered throughout the restaurant and these are perfect for a group of diners enjoying the restaurant or for business meetings or any special occasion.




Before giving an in-depth look at the Niji I feel it important to note that when I was taking photographs for this review I was asked politely yet firmly to stop taking photos of the menu. I explained that I needed these photos for a review I was going to do on this restaurant. In other words it was free publicity for their business but they were adamant that the owner would not allow the menu to be photographed. I know this seems illogical since it is only a menu for Japanese food and as such there is not exactly any secret recipes that can be stolen however when it came to photographic the menu logic did not seem to apply. Even more bizarre is the fact that a simple Google search reveals pictures of the menu for all to see so I guess I must of just had a suspicious face.

Anyway enough about the menu and on with the description of the restaurant. One thing that attracts me to this restaurant is the ambience which it has. There is a distinctly Japanese feel to this restaurant which is created by the accumulation of a number of little touches. For example there is Japanese artwork clearly visible, Japanese curtains to mark entrance ways, the staff wear Japanese clothing including kiminos which the Filipinas look very cute in, the staff greet you in Japanese as you enter the building, there are private rooms where you have to take your shoes of and eat cross legged sitting on a cushion on the floor, there are paper light shades very reminiscent of Japanese lighting and the food is served in the traditional manner on traditional plates and other serving devices. In is accumulation of little touches like these that create the unique ambience of this restaurant.

The restaurant is large and can easily seat 100 plus people if you include the private dining rooms. The main dining area is split between long tables which seat up to ten people and smaller table which seat between 2 and 4 people. Most of the smaller tables are tucked away in the corners and tend to be utilized by couples enjoying a more intimate dining experience. The main dining room also includes a large Teppanyaki grill where customers sit around the large hot plate and enjoy a special presentation which includes throwing of knives and flames shooting up into the air.

Presentation is of paramount importance with Japanese food where an emphasis is placed on simplicity, orderliness and functionality. It is always pleasing to the eye and very appetizing. Japanese food is interesting because even though it is simplistic there is always a full range of complimentary tastes in each dish. For the taste buds Japanese cuisine is a journey into another world and there is a whole range of interesting experiences. For example the ginger and musabe a type of green

horse radish that is served with most of the raw food dishes. There is also a type of cinnamon sauce and a slightly less salty soy sauce which accompanies the majority of dishes. The Japanese diet is interesting in that there are a number of raw food dishes whereas in most cultures the emphasis is always on cooking in some form or another.

When we visited we ordered what can basically be considered standard Japanese food which included a range of sushi dishes which included salmon, mackerel, tuna, prawns, squid, crab and oysters, crab sticks, misu soup, pork teppanyaki and a host of other dishes. The thing that impressed me about the sushi was that it was beautifully presented and it was super fresh with an entire range of taste sensations in fact I can honestly state this was some of the best Sushi I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The dish that really impressed me was a marinated tuna sushi. I have no idea what they marinated the tuna in but it was truly scrumptious and I thoroughly recommend any lovers of Japanese food to try it.

The Niji restaurant in my opinion is a cut above any other Japanese restaurant in Angeles and possibly in the entire Philippines. The prices are not cheap but they are not expensive either and I would estimate that a group of three to four people could get out of there feeling totally satisfied with a bill under 3000 piso. The average dish would be between 250 to 300 piso and they are all absolutely delicious.

At this stage we have not negotiated an Asian Escapades discount however we hope that once the restaurants owner has read this review he will be more agreeable to issuing the Asian Escapades discount.

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