Fortune Hong Kong
Growing up in Sydney Australia my idea of Chinese food went as far as a visit to Dixon street Chinatown. After I cane to the Philippines my concept of Chinese cuisine was widened because there is such a large presence of Chinese people in this country and because the various aspects of Chinese culture food being one of these, is fused in with Filipino culture.

During my time in the Philippines I have heard many stories about the fantastic large restaurants in Hong Kong and in Macau. These restaurants are supposed to be the ultimate Chinese cuisine experience and it is these same restaurants that provide the inspiration for the new Fortune Hong Kong.



Address: The Courtyard, Macarthur Highway, Angeles City
Tel: (045) 892 1238
Fax: (045) 625 7567


I have always been a fan of the Fortune chain but this new restaurant in my opinion takes it to another level. I have had the pleasure of eating here three times now and each time I have come away raving about the place. The food in Fortune has always been great and the Fortune Hong Kong is nothing short of superb.

The Fortune Restaurant chain has always provided large servings of tasty Chinese food at very reasonable prices. They have all the basic Chinese dishes like Sweet and Sour Pork, lemon chicken and crab and sweet corn soup through to the more exotic Beijing duck.
Beef Szechuan style

Pancit canton Chinese style

Ground beef with beans

Dinning Area

The Fortune Hong Kong is the newest in this chain and in my opinion it has some of the best Chinese food I have ever had the pleasure of consuming. The food here is excellent, the range of dishes is exhaustive, the servings are huge and the prices are actually quite reasonable.

The Fortune Hong Kong is situated on MacArthur Highway just past Johnny's supermarket. It is a large expansive two story building which comprises a large restaurant downstairs and supposedly an entertainment complex on the second floor. The restaurant itself is large and they publicize that they can seat up to 500 people.

On a recent visit there for an Asian Escapades members birthday the restaurant was 80% full in the downstairs area and I noticed a true cultural diversity of diners all enjoying a meal there. I saw Americans, English, German, Australian Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and a whole lot of Filipinos all enjoying a meal there and all obviously impressed. The fact that there were so many different people enjoying a meal, really bought it home to me just how popular the Chinese cuisine is and the cuisine at Fortune Hong Kong is just about as good as it gets in Angeles.

I really enjoyed my meal there and I remember thinking if this what the restaurants in Hong Kong are like then I really have to go there. In our group there were several who had experienced eating out in Hong Kong and they swore the food here was a very close approximation of some of the best Hong Kong has to offer.

The food here is great and there is so much to choose from. The menu here is large and boasts a splendid diversity of food including some of the classic dishes that have made Fortune so popular with Angeles diners. From the basic favorites such as beef with broccoli in oyster sauce and the Chinese curry chicken, through to the sizzling Szechuan prawns, the exotic Peking Duck and the delightfully fresh stir fried dishes that represent the Cantonese style of cooking made famous in Hong Kong.

Being Cantonese style that predominates in Hong Kong there is an emphasis on seafood cooked together with a number of different sauces. Typically the Cantonese style of cooking includes stir fried and steaming and the dish I chose of steamed fish with mushrooms and oyster sauce was nothing short of mouthwatering delicious.

The decor in this restaurant is impressive and someone has put a lot of thought into the design of this restaurant. The emphasis is on modern functional Chinese decor. The lighting is soft and yet bright enough to allow easy reading of the menu and even though this is a large area there is a friendly welcoming ambiance about the place.

I did not get a chance to look at the kitchen but judging by how many diners were there I would say it is large and extremely efficient. As one of party noted the thing about Chinese restaurants such as Fortune Hong Kong is the efficiency, it is almost machine like how they produce splendid meals in such a short period of time and the quality is consistently high.

The main dining area is large and composed of numerous tables seating anywhere from two to 8 people. Out the back there are separate function rooms which seat up to 10 adults comfortably. These rooms also include a circular table with a rotating glass middle so all diners can sample each dish if they so wish. This is the classic Chinese approach to eating. The mealtime is always a social occasion and typically it will feature a number of different dishes that can be combined or sampled individually.

I have always been a big fan of the Fortune restaurants and the new Fortune Hong Kong is no exception. This is an impressive restaurant with excellent service, tasteful design, reasonable pricing and of course excellent Chinese cuisine. Whether a fan of Chinese cuisine or not I strongly suggest you try Fortune Hong Kong. For a simple meal with that special someone or a larger group dining experience Fortune Hong Kong fits the bill perfectly and in my opinion is definitely one of the best restaurants in Angeles.



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