Aussie Meat Shop
When growing up as a kid in Australia it was a commonly held belief that Aussie meat was the best in the world. Then when living in the Philippines I was exposed to American grain fed meat and all my preconceived notions about Aussie meat being the worlds best were questioned.

The argument rages on with proponents of each side arguing vehemently. As for me I am still undecided but I do know both American meat and Australian meat are undeniably superior to Filipino meat.

And this is where the Aussie meat shop comes in.



Address: Zeppelin Street, Angeles City


Without a doubt this is some of the best meat you can buy within Angeles and maybe the entire Philippines. Stated simply this is 'fair dinkum' Aussie meat at its best. The owner is a butcher who plied his trade in Australia for many years and when you enter his shop/restaurant his passion for his trade is very obvious.

There is literally a vast range of meats here, all tantalizingly presented and organized into trays, making this place a meat lovers heaven. The meat is clearly named and priced so the customer knows exactly what he is getting and how much he is spending.




Dinning Area

As always not only is the presentation, the price and the variation important, but also the quality. To date I have only tried the smoked ham but I know many others who have sampled the steaks, sausages, chops and other meat and all swear by the excellent quality. The owner swears by his product and from what I have been hearing I can see why. All the meat here is supposedly imported from Australia and yet it seems delightfully fresh.

Being an appreciator of quality meat I was very impressed with the setup and the quality produce here and in my opinion this is a welcome addition to the Angeles eating scene. As far as I know they do not do deliveries but that shouldn't be a problem since the shop is located in Zeppelin Street Hensonville which is basically an easily accessible location for just about anywhere you may be in Angeles.

As the name would suggest this place is all about meat and the range of meat here is as good as you will find in just about anywhere in the Philippines. They have leg of lamb, lamb chops, and lamb hamburgers. They also have a full range of beef and chicken products including beef hamburger patties, beef strips, beef jerky, Australian corned beef, rissoles, minced Angus beef, roast beef, beef schnitzel, a complete range of steaks including rump, t/bone, tenderloin, and many other cuts.

For the chicken they have chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken hamburger patties, whole chicken, crumbed chicken, chicken sausages, chicken fillets, chicken stir fry, and sliced chicken as you would expect to find in any decent deli.

Being in the Philippines pork features prominently and this shop has a complete range of pork including pork chops, pork steak, pork fillets, pork mince, pork schnitzel, and pork ribs.

No meat place would be complete without a decent range of sausages and in my opinion the Aussie Meat place is up there with the best of them. They have pork sausages, lamb sausages, chicken sausages, traditional English pork sausages, chorizo sausages, Australian sausage, and the spicy volcano sausage.

As I have stated publicly before I am a real fan of deli products and here at the Aussie Meat place they have a decent range of imported cheeses a range of different bacon including low salt bacon, Australian bacon and English Bacon plus a range of chicken beef and ham cold cuts.

In the Philippines diversification is often the name of the game and to this end the Aussie Meat place has diversified to sell products such as garden fresh potatoes, carrots pumpkin and garlic, a range of noodles from all over Asia, sauces, Australian canned vegetables and soups plus women's sanitary items, and tin foil.

The Aussie meat place is distinctly Australian and when you walk in there are Australian flags everywhere, the servers are wearing Australian decorated aprons with dinky-di Aussie tennis hats with corks and on the tables they have plastic table covers with Australian fauna printed on them and the famous Australian boxing kangaroo emblem is also prominent throughout the shop. Being raised in Australia I guess I was a little immune to the Aussie image marketing because I saw it every day, but to see these iconic images again was kind of interesting. On the one hand it made me miss Australia but on the other hand I found it kind of kitsch and I couldn't help but think of the tourist trap areas in Sydney such as the Rocks or Surfers Paradise in Queensland.

The Aussie meat place is a butcher meat seller, it is a deli and it is also a restaurant. They have about six tables here two of which are long and would seat about 12 people each. Then in the back corner beside the meat display room they have another four tables which seat 2 and 4 people respectively.

At the end of the day I was pretty impressed with the Aussie Meat Place. I thought they had a large range of meat products and despite the name these were in no way restricted to Australian meat. The pricing while not cheap is still competitive considering the quality of products sold and it is conveniently located and immaculately clean.

In my opinion this place will make a welcome addition to the Angeles food scene and I predict it will become very popular with expats and tourists alike.



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