The other day myself Shagger No Nose and Phoenix went out to lunch and decided we might as well try and combine a restaurant review with a good meal. Initially we were planning to do Thai Baht restaurant but upon arrival there found it closed because it was Monday so No Nose suddenly suggested the Maharajah Hotel Restaurant. Now the Maharajah used to be my favorite hotel but I could never remember it having a restaurant of any significance. I also knew there was a new Korean restaurant in the Maharajah compound so I mistakenly assumed she was referring to that but I was wrong and with No Nose leading the way we proceeded to indulge in an adequate lunch at the Maharajah Hotel Restaurant.



Address: Texas st, Villa Sol Subd. Angeles City
Phone #:(+6345) 625-6976,
(+6345) 322-3681, (+6345) 893-2906
Fax: (+6345) 625-6972


The Maharajah restaurant is not exactly well known for its extensive range of tasty cuisine and is in fact more known for its simplicity and lack of anything special and to my mind our meal did little to change that reputation. I get the impression that when the bases were here the Maharajah was basically used as a short time hotel and to be frank food was not exactly high on the priority list. Since those days the Maharajah has become a legitimate hotel with what I consider a very relaxing and comfortable ambiance and at a reasonable price. The ambiance of the Maharajah restaurant is in my opinion its one saving grace. For me I found the range of dishes limited and the quality of food was only average.
Lamb Chop

Hamburger & Fries

Clubhouse Sandwich

Dinning Area

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying do not eat there because this is just my personal opinion and Shagger who ordered the lamb chop will probably disagree with me because he seemed fairly impressed with his meal. No Nose ordered a chicken sinigang and when asked she rated it highly saying it tasted very nice and Phoenix seemed happy with his hamburger and fries. I ordered the sweet corn soup and club-house sandwich both of which were adequate but nothing to write home about. For me the soup was tasty enough but thin whilst the club-house was far from toasted bread and resembled something more like lukewarm bread that had been vaguely waved over a toaster. There was also an abundance of sweet mayonnaise covering the ham and vegetables inside the sandwich.

On a positive note I asked Shagger how was his lamb chop and he replied very good. The chop was large well cooked and the steamed vegetables that accompanied it were surprisingly crisp and crunchy. Being run by Filipinos I was expecting the Filipino food to be of a high standard and No Nose seemed suitably impressed. Her one criticism of the meal was that there were only 3 pieces of chicken. Phoenix said his hamburger was small but tasty so I guess like most restaurants it is impossible to please everyone.

One advantage of this restaurant is it is huge. The outside area overlooking the pool is composed of 12 tables each capable of comfortably seating 4 people. The area is dimly lit relying on natural sunlight and there are overhead fans conveniently placed along the length of the low roof to keep it cool. In all the years I have been visiting the Maharajah I have never seen this restaurant full and I must admit there is a very nice laid-back atmosphere when dining here, in fact I think it was this very atmosphere that kept me coming back to the Maharajah year after year with never a complaint.

Inside the actual hotel there is another huge dining area which can easily seat up to 70 people. This is composed of a series of tables seating 4 people a number of larger tables which can seat up to 8 people and some booth seating which also seats 4 people. This area as I have said is huge and is most often used for conferences weddings or other special occasions where a large number of people are gathered and dining. With such a large restaurant you would expect the kitchen to be huge and indeed it is but the irony is that it is hardly ever used to its maximum capacity.

Another good thing about the Maharajah restaurant is the staff they are not exactly world class but they are efficient, polite and genuinely friendly and the pricing is also competitive with other restaurants.

When we entered there several of the staff remembered me even though it had been some years since I had seen them and they were all smiles and genuinely inquiring as to my health and well being. It is very obvious that there is little to no formal training of the staff because of the little mistakes that were made. For example Phoenix who ordered the quick to prepare hamburger received and finished his meal before the other meals even arrived. This mistake although only small would never of happened in a professionally run restaurant. After just recently finishing a review on Bunny Burger I looked at Phoenix’s burger with some disdain but according to him it actually tasted quite good and the fries were perfectly cooked.

From my previous experiences in this restaurant one dish I can recommend is their French Toast. Made in the classic French Bread style the Maharajah recipe includes white bread, condensed sweetened milk eggs and maple syrup. I remember many a power brunch with good friends which basically included French toast and freshly brewed coffee all of which were consumed with gusto before deciding to yet again hit the bars. Despite the lack of professionalism there were some nice little touches such as the small serving of mint jelly that accompanied Shaggers lamb chop, the size of Shaggers lamb chop reminded me more of a lamb steak and Miss No Nose sinigang certainly adhered to the classic recipe and was presented in a black earthen wear pot which added to its authenticity.

The Maharajah restaurant in my opinion is not bad but it certainly is not good either. There are a number of areas which could be improved if it is ever to be considered as a serious restaurant and these include the food presentation the service procedures the actual restaurant area itself could use a coat of paint and a little freshening up the diversity on the menu needs to be increased and it would certainly help if all the menus were the same. I think out of our group of four we had three different menus with different dishes listed. On the good side there is a definite laid back atmosphere here and if they would let restaurant patrons swim in the pool even though not staying in the hotel then the atmosphere would be very attractive, as it is one gets to sit under cover enjoying views of the pool and the garden setting but that’s as far as it goes. On another positive note the dishes seemed competitively priced.

At the time of us conducting this review there was no management present to ask about the Asian Escapades discount but judging from my past dealings with management I would assume they would not entertain the idea of a discount. Would I recommend going out of your way, (being situated up past the Oasis this restaurant it is indeed out of most peoples way), to eat at this restaurant the answer is definitely not however if I was hungry and in the area then yes this restaurant is probably worth a visit because if for no other reason it has a nice feel about it and one can enjoy the atmosphere created by overlooking the pool and the meticulously maintained garden.



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