Bunny Burger
"My favorite restaurant has got to be Bunny Burger, hell I practically live on the stuff". This from young Phoenix as we were sitting poolside tucking into our orders from Bunny Burger. I replied yeah it's fairly impressive but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's my favorite in all of Angeles". He looked at me somewhat bemused and then said, "why not it's great food, it's consistent quality and best of all it's delivered to your doorstep if required". I thought about this and then proceeded to take another whopping bite out of my works burger which caused Phoenix to laugh and say "judging by the way you are demolishing that works burger I guess you agree with me".



Fields Ave, Balibago, Angeles City
Next door to SkyTrax
Call/Text: 0929 745 2334
Opening 24 hours / 7 days a week & Delivery service 8am to 2am

Website: bunnyburgerac.com


During my mid to late teens and well into my twenties I developed a definite addiction to the classic Australian hamburger. The fast food revolution was well entrenched with McDonalds and Kentucky Fried chicken leading the way but for me there was nothing like the classic Aussie Hamburger cooked at the local Greasy Joes ( Greasy Joes is an Australian euphemism for the corner store) which in those days there was one of on every third street corner. I tried to acclimatize to McDonalds, Hungry Jacks etc but just couldn’t do it and I always found myself drifting back to the classic Aussie hamburger.
Aussie Works Burger

Salid & Ham Roll

The cute waitresses

The reliable delivery bike

The fast food burgers somehow always fell short of the mark but the Aussie burger never failed to satisfy. During the late eighties and early nineties the greasy Joes declined in numbers as the fast food conglomerates began to take over. As a result the iconic Aussie hamburger became harder and harder to find. As such you can imagine my surprise when Donkey tipped me onto the works burger from Bunny Burger. This huge burger really is a meal in itself and tastes so good my mouth is watering just thinking about the one I am going to consume later on tonight in my drunken daze. Every time I eat one of these it brings back such fond memories of my youthful years when life was so much more carefree and delicious food like this was a daily indulgence as opposed to a special treat.

Now for those of you not familiar with the classic Aussie burger or works burger here is what they are composed of. One large bread bun with sesame seeds on top, a large grilled beef pattie covered with grilled onion slices, slabs of beetroot, shredded lettuce and shredded carrot, a fried egg, a slice of pineapple, 2 slices of bacon and a slice of melted cheese. All this is then smothered with tomato or BBQ sauce. Traditionally this has been referred to as the Aussie burger but for the sake of simplicity and for the sake of a more accurate description the Bunny Burger people have named it the works burger and it certainly does include the works. If you are yet to experience the works burger I highly recommend you do so as it is a true taste sensation if however like me you grew up on burgers such as this then I definitely suggest you drop into Bunny Burger, order the works burger and just enjoy the experience as you wrap your laughing gear around the best burger in Angeles and perhaps the best burger in the entire Philippines.

Obviously the original concept behind this restaurant was selling burgers but Bunny Burger has gone way beyond just hamburgers. In fact the menu is quite diverse and every item on there is wholesome and simply delicious. The menu varies from simple Filipino snack foods such as Shanghai Lumpia and chicken wings through to the hearty works burger and even prime rib Australian steaks. In fact the owner of Bunny Burger has just recently made a contact with an Aussie meat supplier in Subic and he has now included the high quality Australian steaks on his menu. The owner is proud of the Bunny Burger produce and he stressed to me that his steaks will be some of the best in Angeles and very reasonably priced. I am yet to try the steaks here but if the rest of his food is anything to go by I am sure they will be fantastic.

Not being a novice to the Angeles food scene the owner has realized the importance of providing Filipino food as well as westerner food and as such his menu includes a number of the better Filipino dishes including Sinigang and various Adobos. This is an astute move on his behalf because it ensures the girls can eat and be happy there along with the foreigner who is footing the bill.

The restaurant itself is only a small area seating about 25 people maximum it is brightly lit, immaculately clean and the kitchen is one of the busiest in Angeles producing many meals for eat in customers as well as delivery for outside orders. The delivery service is certainly one of Bunny Burgers major strengths and comprises a significant part of their business. A number of expats who virtually live on Bunny Burger delivery service swear by it as it is nearly always delivered within 40 minutes of ordering, the orders are correct, the quality is consistent and their range of food is large enough that it never gets boring. The only down side to the delivery service is the plastic cutlery that accompanies the meals but then again it is virtually impossible to find decent cutlery in this country so that is something consumers just have to deal with. The delivery service runs 8am till 2am 7 days a week which is extremely handy for those of us with a nocturnal lifestyle.

The popularity of Bunny Burger is already significant and this includes both expatriates and tourists. The Bunny Burgers popularity is clearly demonstrated by tourist customers who stay at a hotel and order Bunny Burger dishes to be delivered rather than dinning on the hotel cuisine. Like any restaurant the Bunny Burger has its peak periods and according to the owner these are between 8 and 10AM as people order breakfast, lunch time between 12 to 2 and dinner time between 5 to 8 PM.

Bunny Burger is a thriving business with an enviable reputation amongst tourists and expats alike. Best of all they apply a number of discounts which include the RSL Hash House Harriers and of course the Asian Escapades Discount which is 10% of the total bill and this applies for dine in food as well as delivered food.The Bunny Burger is now an iconic part of the Angeles food scene and I strongly recommend it to anybody who appreciates consistent good quality food at realistic prices.The heavy mongering scene of Angeles quite often produces a distinct hunger and to satiate that hunger there is no better place than Bunny Burger and yes they do deliver to the bars.



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