Blue Rock Restaurant
So there we were a group of us Angeles aficionados heading up to Subic. First decision was where to stay and the general consensus seemed to be good ole Blue Rock. When I asked them why are you guys so keen on the Blue Rock I received a large variation of responses but the one thing they all had in common was the fact that they really liked the Blue Rock restaurant and the delicious food it served.

The Blue Rock restaurant is in many ways the centerpiece of the resort and people come from miles around to dine there. The food is always superb, there is a diverse range of cuisine and the prices are refreshingly realistic.



Address: Baloy Long Beach,
Barrio Barretto Olongapo, Philippines
Tel: +
Cell: +63.910.511.5142
Fax: +


Two factors about Blue Rock restaurant have always impressed me. Firstly I have always been impressed with their wide range of beautifully fresh seafood and how it is presented and prepared. The Philippines is not exactly renowned for its cleanliness especially when it comes to water environs and as a result I have always been slightly hesitant to try oysters, mussels or clams but when I saw them on the menu at Blue Rock I knew I had to try them and they were nothing short of spectacular.

The other thing that impresses me about this restaurant is the wide range of dishes they have. I mean this place supplies everything from cornflakes and




styles as possible and in my opinion they achieve that goal easily.

One of the iconic features of this restaurant is the grill. The Blue Rock grill is renowned throughout Subic and areas beyond for the delightful sizzling food it produces. Taking center stage and by far the most popular item is the steaks. Here at Blue Rock they have a complete range of steaks from Steak Tartar and the basic T/Bone through to Carpetbagger and juicy thick rump steaks. The experienced chefs at Blue Rock know exactly how to grill the steak to your specifications and a medium rare is actually rare. The meat is sourced by Mick Hay an Australian who spent many years working as a butcher and it is mainly due to his care and dedication that the steaks are always of the highest quality here.

Around the grill is a salad bar which features a range of classic garden fresh vegetables from beans and crisp lettuce through to beetroot and baby corn on the cob. The salad bar provides the perfect accompaniment for the mouthwatering juicy steaks and when the two are combined they make for a truly delicious meal not soon forgotten.

Growing up in Australia I have fond memories of outside beer gardens where there would always be a grill area which would serve delicious steaks of all descriptions and then washing them down with some cold ale. The open air restaurant in Blue Rock with its grill area and the tantalizing aroma and sounds of sizzling steak never fails to remind me of youthful balmy summer days in Australia.

Previously I mentioned that one of the things I like about the Blue Rock restaurant is that it has a number of different types of cuisine from different parts of the world for example they have a fabulous sushi plate which features eight different types of sushi right through to classic Australian meals European meals and even an extensive range of Thai dishes.

Like my girl I am a keen fan of Thai food and really appreciate a good Thai curry. Interestingly enough even though they do not have any Thai staff the Blue Rock Thai curry's are pretty impressive. Every time I have tried them the ingredients have been impressively fresh and the curry sauce flavored just right.

The Blue Rock restaurant is basically divided into three sections. The first section centers around the bar area. This is an open air bar with seats all around it and from here they serve all the food as well as supplying a large range of drinks. The bar area serves as a meeting place where locals expats and

hotel guests can mingle and swap stories until the wee hours of the morning. The second section of the restaurant is what I call the upper dinning area. This is an open air area which is slightly raised from the main body of the restaurant and is perfect for those wishing a moment of privacy or a quieter environment in which to enjoy their meals.

The main area is for want of a better word the pit that is again open air and it contains the grill plus wooden tables and chairs that can seat up to 40 people comfortably. In the corner they have a band playing which accompanies diners while they eat. The staff at Blue Rock are nothing short of amazing and on any night you will see them literally run off their feet yet they still manage to serve with a friendly smile and I have never seen them get an order wrong yet.

The Blue Rock restaurant has the enviable reputation of being the best there is in the area and expats, locals and tourists come from miles around to enjoy a meal here. This is Aussie style food with a Filipino twist and I can honestly say no visit to Subic is complete without at least one dining experience in the Blue Rock restaurant.



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