Amore Mio
In my humble opinion this, along with Fortune at the mall, is the best value restaurant in town. I first heard of Amore Mio Mediterranean restaurant through a friend who discovered it about two months ago and was raving about it. I normally take other peoples raves with a grain of salt, but I know my friend is no mean cook and certainly appreciates good food.

It took about 3 weeks before I found the time but once I did I loaded the tribe into the car and headed to Amore Mio . To be honest I was shocked, this place was bloody fantastic. Myself and the missus were nothing short of amazed and the rest of the tribe, although not used to Mediterranean cuisine



Address: 490 Don Juico Avenue, Angeles City
Phone: 045-304-1328


For me there are several elements that combine to make a good restaurant and Amoremio excelled in nearly all of them.

The first important factor is the food especially in terms of the taste, presentation, quantity and variety. When it comes to taste, the food at Amoriemio is nothing short of excellent. This is basically what I would categorize as Italian cuisine but there is also a strong influence from Spain, and the islands of the coast of mainland Italy such as Sicily. The ingredients are all first class and truly delicious. For example when I ordered the Salami antipasti, the salami was genuine Italian salami and the parma ham deliciously fresh.
Salami Antipasti

Dinning Area

Spaghetti Meat balls

Penne Pomodoro

The chef is Italian and has a staff of 14 Filipino kitchen hands, and together they produce every dish that comes out of the kitchen.

The chef supervises everything and adopts a very hands on approach, making sure everything is produced according to his instructions. The taste is exactly as it should be and so far I am yet to experience even a mediocre dish, as everything I have tried has been deliciously excellent. The variety is also notable, and as you will see by the menu, there is something for everyone. If I have one criticism it would be with the size of the servings. Generally speaking the servings are small, but then again the way the menu is designed they are meant to be, as they are assuming customers will understand the Italian way of enjoying a meal, which is to make a social occasion and devour at least 4 to 5 different dishes over an extended period of time.

The second important factor is the price and when it comes to the price, Amoremio considering the fine food you get, is extremely reasonable. The average dish would be somewhere between 200 and 300 piso and trust me when I say this is excellent value for money.

The third factor that is important to me is a restaurants ambiance. The ambiance is not a physical thing but rather something psychological and Amoremio has got it exactly right. On the one hand this is a classy Italian restaurant with golden painted chairs with carvings, and expensive bottles of top class Italian wine tastefully displayed in wooden and glass cabinet. Contrary to this the restaurant also has the feel of a home kitchen, were mamma whips up a storm of wholesome food which is enjoyed immensely by family and friends. Often the ambiance will boil down to little factors. Such is the case with Amoremio. The lighting is bright and yet not harsh, there are bottles of Chianti on the tables and garlic cloves hanging on the walls along with copies of classical Italian paintings.

The restaurant can hold approximately 30 people in the front section, and then out back there is an outdoors garden section, which can easily hold another 40 people, then further out the back, there is a function room which can accommodate another twenty to twenty five people. Also out the back is a wet bar which specializes in Italian liquors and they even have an Italian beer, which for me was markedly better than San Miguel.

Amoremio also specializes in parties, celebrations and special occasions. In fact the outside dining area and the function room are perfect venues for this. They also do deliveries to the local area and the telephone number is 045-304-0328.

Amoremio has only been there for about four months but already the word has gone around Angeles, and it is proving to be extremely popular with Filipinos and foreigners alike. The last time I was eating there was a Monday night, which is traditionally slow, and there was four other diners in the front section, and about twenty five in the back garden section. We came later than most so were still eating when they filed out. They were a large group of Filipinos and as they left I could hear them praising their dining experience at Amoremio.

This restaurant is situated virtually next door to C Italia and in my opinion it is significantly better than C. Whereas C is expensive and frequented mainly by Filipino yuppies, Amoremio is reasonably priced and frequented mainly by people who appreciate a quality dining experience at a decent price.

Amoremio is already popular and I can see it rapidly becoming even more so. If you enjoy good Italian cuisine then do yourself and your wallet a favor and check out Amoremio. If restaurants like this are part of the new Angeles, then I say embrace this particular change and say bye bye to the old.



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