Swiss Chalet
Address: Santos Street Cnr. Real Street, Angeles City
Tel: 0063-45-888-2618
Review Written On : 29/01/08

The Swiss Chalet is run by a gentleman named Hans Hoffman from Switzerland. Hans has been around for many years having his first start in Black Jack Restaurant and over the years he has built a reputation for quality service at reasonable prices.

The Swiss Chalet restaurant is centrally located and comprises an outside eating area as well as the air-conditioned inside area. Both areas are extremely popular and on any day you can find people enjoying the ambience and food of this restaurant.

The food in here is excellent the servings are a decent size and the prices are very reasonable. This is not a top end restaurant like C-Italian but it is, for want of a better description, an upper middle market restaurant with excellent food, excellent service, centralized location and very competitive pricing.

The restaurant specializes in meat dishes served with extremely tasty sauces

Thotoy assures me this is the Swiss equivalent of French fries but I forget what it is called.

The menu
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As you can see from the menu the Swiss Chalet has an entire range of food from special meat dishes with tasty sauces, pasta dishes, and soups, through to exotic seafood dishes, fondue and nicely prepared Filipino dishes. This restaurant is designed so no matter what particular food type takes your fancy you will find it here.

The restaurant also features a large stock of wines hailing from countries as diverse as Chile, Australia, France, Spain, South Africa and Germany. The wines are also very reasonably priced ranging from p680 to p850.

A very popular feature of the Swiss Chalet restaurant is the salad bar. They use fresh local ingredients and the result is truly delicious. There are three separate options, small at p90, medium at p130 and large at p250. These prices are for 1 serving only and if you wish a second bowl of salad expect to be charged accordingly. Normally the salad bar opens at 4 pm and it features a range of fresh vegetables including lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, onions and potatoes. The salad bar is a very popular attraction and ironically for a restaurant whose main meals are based around meat, some customers come here just to sample the salad bar.

The ambience.

Hans and the restaurants designers have gone to a lot of trouble to create an ambience resembling a genuine Swiss chalet such as you would find in the heart of Switzerland. To do this they have incorporated a number of quaint little touches. For example there is a mock Swiss dairy cow outside the building together with Swiss cowbells and pictures depicting mountain scenery. There is also a wooden roof with sturdy wooden beams and ornate subdued lighting on all the walls. The menu is in English with the occasional German and there is always a delicious aroma escaping from the kitchen as they prepare your meal. Powerful air conditioning units keep the restaurant at a comfortable temperature along with ornate overhead fans.

In the outside section of the restaurant there are a number of wooden tables and benches resembling an alpine lodge in Switzerland.

The inside features about 8 tables that can serve as individual tables or be joined together to serve larger groups. Each table is covered with white table clothes and white linen. The roof is wooden and the floor tiles are burgundy as are the menus. There are also red and white drapes. The overall effect is a plethora of red and white which by no coincidence are the primary colors of the Swiss flag.

The Swiss Chalet being European owned has a heavy emphasis on European cuisine particularly Swiss and the overall feel is again European. If you don’t fancy a full meal you can still pop in and enjoy a quick snack along with a decent cup of coffee from their espresso machines. In fact in the afternoons from 2 to 4 this restaurant serves as a European café and there are always a steady supply of locals enjoying a quick coffee and chat until the nighttime patrons start to come in.

The Kitchen

The Swiss Chalet kitchen is of medium size but extremely well organized and run very efficiently. Every square inch of the kitchen seems to be utilized and although restricted in space the output from this kitchen is phenomenal and it is always of the highest quality

The Swiss Chalet staff is efficient and courteous always ready with a smile and a helpful suggestion if you require assistance.


The Swiss Chalet is an excellent theme restaurant featuring classic Swiss cuisine at very reasonable prices. The servings are large and this is without doubt one of the best restaurants in Angeles for a wholesome meal. In fact no trip to Angeles is complete without a visit to this restaurant. Best of all they have nice Filipino cuisine so chances are your Filipina companion will also enjoy herself.

Currently they do not offer a Asian Escapades discount.



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