Address: Mimosa Leisure Estate, Clark
Opening Times: 24 Hours
Tel: (632) 910-4203 up to 05
Fax: (632) 910-4206
Review Written On : 07/05/08

Recently I received a call from Netguard inviting me out to dinner at Rodizio restaurant situated on the seventh floor of the Mimosa Holiday Inn Hotel at Clark Airbase. I asked him what sort of restaurant is it and he replied “its meat on swords, awesome meal you will love it”.

This didn’t exactly answer my question but I thought what the heck I’m always up for a good meal so I starved myself all day and that night headed out to the Mimosa Holiday Inn to feast on meat on swords.

When I got to the hotel I asked the security guard where is meat on swords restaurant and he looked at me with the classic blank stare perfected by Filipinos when questioned by an enquiring foreigner. Not getting any response I tried again, “excuse me boss how do I get to meat on swords the restaurant on the seventh floor”? When he heard seventh floor the penny dropped and he politely replied “sir we have a restaurant called Rodizio on the seventh floor”. “That must be it” I replied, “sorry I thought it was called meat on swords”. He then informed me that I had to enter the building turn right and then immediately right again to the service elevator.

I followed his directions and as I slowly ascended to the seventh floor I thought to myself I really must have a word with Netguard and tell him to give me the proper names of things as this would save a lot of complications in the future.

When you reach the seventh floor the lift opens to reveal a small corridor stacked on either side with bottles of wine from around the world. There are literally hundreds of different wines here with some of them being sold for as much as 25 thousand peso.

You walk through the corridor then turn right again paying particular attention to the cigar display case and more bottles of wine that help give this restaurant its unique ambience.

The corridor ends and opens to a very large restaurant capable of seating up to 60 people at any one time.

The ceiling is high with overhead fans and large air-conditioning units to keep things cool. The floors are stained wood as are the tables and chairs. The majority of tables seat four comfortably but they also have a number of tables for seating bigger groups.

The inside restaurant area is large but for those who prefer a quite meal outside or an after dinner cigar there are a number of tables and comfortable lounge chairs on the balcony surrounding the outside of the restaurant.

The restaurant has an extensive menu but most people seem to go there to enjoy the buffet which is priced at 1,100 piso per head. In my opinion this is definitely the best buffet in town and judging by the amount of patrons lining up for their go I would say I am not alone in this opinion.

The buffet may be a bit pricy compared to other establishments but then again the amount of food and its quality is unmatched in Angeles.

The buffet features some basic Japanese food and vast quantities of fresh seafood.

Fresh salmon, which is thinly sliced and literally melts in your mouth.

Fresh tuna.

Thai style chicken and noodle salad.

The seafood here is great value, large tasty prawns, clams, mussels and giant crabs are a special treat.

The crab here is excellent perfectly cooked and very tasty.

With the seafood safely consumed it was time for the house specialty meat on swords. At this point I detected a lascivious grin on Netgaurds face and I was soon to see why. They have little wooden cubes of red and green which serves as a signal for the waiters. When the green side is up it is a signal for the waiters to keep bringing food and when the red is up, it means you are full and no longer need the meat bought to your table.

The waiters start off with pork and chicken sausages presented on swords. The amount of sausages you can order is limitless.

This is followed by barbeque baby back ribs and barbequed chicken.

And then a personal favorite roast beef beautifully cooked so it is charred on the outside but deliciously red and tender on the inside. This was the best roast beef I have tasted in the Philippines.

The roast beef was absolutely delicious and reminded me of the traditional Sunday roast that I enjoyed so much as a kid. It was also very filling and as I scoffed it down I remembered Netguards warning to leave room for the meat and now I understood completely.

I have always been a sweet tooth so now it was time to try out their tantalizing deserts.

The fluffy chocolate moose cake.

Lemon cheese cake.

Cheese cake with glazed mango topping.

Apple pie.

Rich dark chocolate cake.

Soft white marshmallows which are then dipped in the chocolate fountain.

They also have fresh strawberries (which are a rarity in the Philippines) but Netguard found these a bit insubstantial.

As you can see from the pictures the Ridizio is an up-market classy restaurant with an extensive buffet appealing to just anybody’s taste. The restaurants location means it is not easy to get to unless you have transportation or are staying at the Mimosa Holiday Inn hotel however, it is well worth a little extra effort to visit this place. The restaurants ambience is a nice mixture of relaxation and professionalism and the food is bountiful and excellent quality. The buffet may be a bit expensive compared to other buffets but in my opinion it is well worth it as there is a large diversity of scrumptious food, it is of an excellent quality and there is lots of it.

The meat on swords is a nice theme as you can see exactly what you are getting and there is something pleasantly feudal about a man cutting great slabs of meat off a sword and serving them to you.
If you haven’t been to Ridizio yet I strongly recommend you take the time for a trip out to the base and experience here. This really is a nice restaurant and you will be excused for forgetting you are in the Philippines when dining here.

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