Don't know about you guys but I have always been a big fan off Indian food so I was naturally very pleased when I heard about a new Indian restaurant opening in Hensonville named Rasoi. One of the Asian Escapades members who is Indian by birth tried this before me and came away raving about it so I just had to give it a go myself.

Rasoi is owned and run by an Indian national together with his Filipina wife and it is marketed as the "only authentic Indian restaurant in town". I thought this was a pretty bold claim but once I tried the food there I was suitably impressed and came away with the feeling that this is truly authentic Indian food and of course is absolutely delicious.



Zeppelin Street Hensonville Angeles Pampanga Philippines.
Chef Richard
Tel # 0928-484-2818
Globe # 0916-644-2063
Smart # 0928-625-5973


Now I am not really qualified to say when something is authentic or not, but I do know what I like, (especially when it comes to Indian food) and Rasoi restaurant for me delivers the goods. They have a nice range of curries Chicken and seafood Tika, Marsala based curries, Kofta curry and for the non meat eaters a Vegetable Curry, through to your standard spicy curries such as the beef Madrass and chicken Vindaloo curries. They also have some curries which I have never heard off let alone tasted these include the Aloo Matar, the Matar Pangor the Bhindi Do Plaza, the Palak Paneer and the Jalfrezi curries. Looking back at the menu I realize this is actually quite an impressive and comprehensive

Prawn tika with masala sauce

3 different curries with Chapati

Dinning Area

menu which certainly highlights many different forms of Indian curry and best of all the prices are more reasonable. In fact we managed to eat there as a group of six and the whole bill was less than 2000 piso.

Many people labor under the misconception that all curries are the same, hot spicy Cumin based and smelly. The truth is far from that. There is actually an art to cooking a good curry and in my opinion Chef Richard has this art well honed and perfected.

Some say curry was invented to disguise the rank odor of off meat. I don't know how much truth there is to that rumor but if it's true I can certainly say the art of cooking a good curry has gone way beyond that. The modern day curry comes in many forms and variations but no matter what the variation there will always be one staple ingredient and that's Cumin.

My first exposure to curry was as a child where my mother would whip up a mild chicken Madras which my brother and I would wolf down like there was no tomorrow. I always appreciated the aroma of Cumin and other herbs and spices which are the hallmark of a good aromatic curry. From there as my taste buds matured and I got used to the spiciness and the next step was entering the world of Madras and Vindaloo curries. After a while spicy curry became my favorite food and very soon other food seemed bland in comparison. To this day I still prefer spicy food but I have developed a taste for the richer creamier curries such as the Masala based ones rather than the blatantly hot, pull no punches Vindaloo.

This restaurant I would unhesitatingly say has the widest and most comprehensive range of curries available in Angles today. There are many different styles here so much so that I would even go so far as to say it covers many of the regional differences in curry that can be found in India itself.

A particular favorite of mine is the Seafood Tika with Marsala sauce. The seafood was surprisingly fresh and succulent which was perfectly complemented by the rich buttery Marsala flavored gravy. This was an absolutely delicious curry and when eating it I vowed to return again soon and try some other types of curry.

No Indian restaurant is complete without a range of trademark appetizers and here in Rasoi you will find some delicious vegetable samosa vegetable pakora, fish pakora and of course your classic Indian papadams. The papadams here are easily the best I have tasted in Angeles and maybe even the best I have ever tasted. They were absolutely delicious and anyone who dines here should undoubtedly try them.

Being in the Philippines the restaurant has to cater for Filipino tastes and to this end they have the basic Filipino dishes available such as Sinigan, beef caldereta and of course the ever present chicken adobo.

The restaurant itself is fairly small with maximum seating capacity of twenty people. There is a good air-con high on the right hand side wall together with overhead fans that keeps things nice and cool. The general ambiance of the place is one of relaxation and friendliness. This is a cozy little restaurant with a red and white color scheme, a spotlessly clean dining area and the staff, although inexperienced at this point in time, seem to know the menu well and they certainly try their best to be friendly, courteous and efficient.

In tough economic times it's always a pleasure to find a restaurant that serves a wide range of high quality dishes at a reasonable price. Rasoi is just such a place. The average dish would cost approximately 150 piso and they are all large servings, very tasty and good quality.

I was quite impressed with this restaurant and if you are an Indian food fan I truly recommend you try it. All the food we ordered was tasty and excellent value. Rasoi restaurant also does delivery but I am not sure of their delivery hours. This is a new restaurant and in my opinion it makes a great addition to the Angeles restaurant scene and best of all the high quality food is all presented at very realistic prices.



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