C Italian

Address: 1210 Perimeter Road, Clarkview, Malabanas Angeles City
Opening Times: 11.30am to 12 midnight from Tuesday to Sunday.
On Monday the opening hours are from 5.00pm through to 12 midnight.

The chefs name is Chris Locher and his email address is chrislocher@citaliandining.com
The web site address is www.c-italian-dining.com
The contact numbers are (045) 892-4059 / 892-6993 or 0916-675-6611.
Review Written On : 05/12/07

Welcome to the wonderful world of fine dining compliments of C-Italian. As someone who has lived here for a number of years I have to admit C-Italian is exactly what Angeles needs. Here is a genuine top class restaurant with top of the range produce, authentic Italian style cooking and a sophisticated ambience unrivaled by any other restaurant in Angeles.

The restaurant C-Italian exudes the image of class, respectability and exquisite fine dining. From the front entrance incorporating polished grey tiles, hard grey rocks and a mock roman statue, through to the front dining area with black and white photographs of Italy and various culinary awards, the tastefully designed private function rooms, the functional kitchen and the spacious undercover outdoor dining area at the back, this restaurant is a class act in its entirety.

Upon entering the customer is greeted with a long narrow brightly lit, air conditioned dining area. This incorporates 2 separate dining tables with the smaller ones seating about ten people and the larger one with a seating capacity of up to 14 people.

The room is pleasantly air-conditioned and along the walls are black and white pictures of Italy accompanied by various culinary awards won by Chef Chris and his team at C-Italian.

The front dining area although comparatively small is well air conditioned and tastefully decorated. The tables are just the right size and although light are sturdy and wobble free.

What’s a good Italian restaurant without a supply of appropriate wine. Chef Chris believes a good meal should be accompanied by a good wine and to this end along the right hand side wall is a large wine rack which features red and white wines from countries as diverse as Chilli, Italy,New Zealand and Australia.

At the far end of the inside dining room is a small serving area featuring a range of imported alcohol and a cappuccino machine which undoubtedly produces some of the best coffee in Angles.

Continuing past the small serving area one passes through a small archway and enters into the outside courtyard which serves as the large dining area.

This is a large area covered by a canvas tarpaulin and it can comfortably seat up to 60 people

At strategic points throughout this area they have placed fans which create a cooling breeze throughout the courtyard during the hot summer months. Again this area features nice little touches like statues and a small rock pool that combine to create a sophisticated ambience conducive to a fine dining experience

At the right hand side of the courtyard is the main kitchen. This is narrow and somewhat confined however absolutely spotless, extremely well organized and from such a confined space comes the best Italian cuisine in Angeles.

One of the busiest stoves in Angeles produces the trademark tomato based sauces which adorn so many of the C-Italian dishes.

It gets very hot in here but the staff never seem to stop working

Chef Chris in one of his rare moments away from the kitchen. To ensure the high quality standards of presentation and taste he is normally a hand’s on worker leading by example.

There is also a smaller kitchen area in front of the main kitchen which features two electronic ovens. All the kitchens are surrounded by see through glass and accessible to the customers should they wish to observe their food being prepared.

In a separate area C-Italian features a private VIP dining room. This is reserved for private groups as opposed to individual diners. There is no extra cost for use of the room but it is assumed you will spend a healthy amount of money purchasing food and wine should you use it.

Chef Chris proudly informed me that customers ranging from famous politicians and actors through to CEO’s of large corporations and groups of local expats have utilized this room.

Right next door to the dining area is a private entertainment area where people can sit and relax or discuss business after consuming a scrumptious Italian meal.

At the far end of the private room is a wine cellar which features some classic wines from around the world. These wines range from 960 peso and 7000 peso a bottle through to specialty bottles which can retail for as high as 20000 peso per bottle.

The bottom line for any restaurant is its food and in the case of C-Italian its standard trademark is exquisite Italian cuisine prepared by using top quality fresh produce accompanied by classic Italian sauces.

When we went to C-Italian as a group we had no specific orders and just left it up to Chef Chris who prepared a mouth watering banquet which would compete with dishes from the world famous restaurants.

For starters we enjoyed Panizza Escapadia. This is a dish incorporating strips of wafer thin pizza dough layered with a different blend of five different cheeses and herbs. These are accompanied by a series of different toppings ranging from bacon, ham, salami, roasted peppers, capers, sun dried tomatoes, scallops, shrimps, anchovies, onions and mushrooms. The toppings are then covered in a special cheese sauce with herbs.

The Panizza strips are accompanied by a bowl of aragula and alfalfa. The idea is to roll the strips of Panizza around a helping of aragula and alfalfa, then consume with great gusto.

This was followed up by a salami platter featuring four different types of imported salami accompanied by marinade artichoke hearts and valamata olives.

At the same time the staff also presented two plates of baked New Zealand mussels stuffed with braised mushrooms and herbs, baked with braised tomatoes, smothered in mozzarella cheese sauce and served on a bed of rocket greens.

After these mouthwatering dishes were consumed Chef Chris presented us with Grilled US Black Angus steak (flank) marinated with black pepper, garlic and assorted herbs. The steak is served with a red wine reduction and accompanied by oven roasted onions and potatoes accompanied by baby asparagus.

The steak is perfectly grilled so it is charred on the outside and still succulently pink on the inside.

The steak was accompanied by a wood fire roasted chicken. This dish is served whole Tuscan style chicken and infused with lemon, white wine virgin olive oil, accompanied by onion roasted potatoes and garlic roasted Italian broccoli.

By this time even our group of hungry diners was mostly satiated but Chef Chris wasn’t finished with us yet. After 10 minutes he personally presented us with the deserts which included lemon cheese cake, dark and white chocolate cake, tina misu and for the ultimate sweet tooth a splendid crème brullee.

A new venture for C-Italian is their oven baked pizzas. The brick oven baking is also incorporated in dishes such as the wood fire roasted chicken.
A comparatively new entry to the C-Italian menu is the wood fire cooked pizza.

Made with the best ingredients imported from Italy.
flour, classic buffalo mozzarella and Italian tomatoes for the sauce. Baked in our blistering-hot, wood-fired oven. The result is a lightly crisp, nicely chewy crust with a hint of smoke which allows the full flavor of the quality toppings to emerge!

The C-Italian main menu with prices is as follows.


Caponata with rare roasted tuna … Sicilian aubergine stew with tomatoes and fresh mint … PHP570

Miaie tonnato … fine slices of cold pork topped with delicate tuna sauce capers, lemon dices and Italian parsley … PHP520

Proscuitto e carciofi … fine carved parma ham and artichoke hearts marinade in virgin olive oil. PHP725

Classic bruchetta … golden crisp ciabatta slices topped with black olive tampanade and tarter of sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and goat cheese.PHP360

Salmon spinach artichoke dip … fresh salmon, spinach mushroom and artichoke hearts blended with cream and four cheeses. Served with freshly baked ciabatta and assorted greens.PHP490

Whole baked ricotta cheese … marinade with virgin olive oil topped with pesto of kalamata and sun dried tomatoes served with argula and freshly baked bread. PHP580

Artichoke a la Milanese … artichoke hearts fried in olive oil dipped in parmesan and egg batter, presented on herb enticed tomato sauce with argula chiffonade. PHP475

Cozza Torino … half shelves New Zealand green lip mussels braised in white wine and red vermouth enhanced with chili, garlic, assorted herbs and butter. PHP515

Baked Mussels stuffed with mushrooms … New Zealand mussels stuffed with braised mushrooms and herbs baked with braised tomatoes and mozzarella cheese served on a bed of rocket greens. PHP620

Mozzarella in carcozza … golden fried mozzarella slices served on pomodore sauce topped with fresh mushroom slices.PHP445.


Baked salmon fillet with fresh lemon sauce served with baby asparagus and boiled potatoes.PHP620

Oven roasted tuna steak …presented on a stew string of beans and pumpkin with bits of parma ham pine nuts and garlic served with boiled potatoes.PHP650

Chicken parmigiano … chicken breast roasted with fresh pomodore sauce and crusted with a blend of mozzarella and parmesan served on linguini noodle. PHP620
Fennel crusted chicken fillet with red wine sauce presented on Tomato and basil risotto and crisp ruccola greens. PHP620

Wood fire roasted pork crown roast putanesca … served with garlic roasted spaghetti and sautéed broccoli greens PHP680

Sicilian pork shoulder steak … braised in wine sauce with tomatoes, potatoes, chick peas and green olives accompanied by freshly baked ciabatta. PHP570

Brasato di manzo … classic Italian braised beef topped with pancetta and crispy bread served with horseradish enticed polenta and sautéed Italian broccoli PHP650.

Grilled New Zealand striploin steak served with green pepper sauce … accompanied with olive oil baked potato wedges, pumpkin slice and sautéed broccoli greens. PHP790.

Roasted baby veal tenderloin with red wine sauce … served on artichoke and mushroom risotto and garlic sautéed spinach PHP790.

Roasted baby veal tenderloin with red wine sauce … served on artichoke and mushroom risotto and garlic sautéed spinach PHP1050.

Whole lamb shank braised in rich red wine sauce … accompanied by classic parmesan polenta PHP670.

Fettuccini carbonara …bacon and mushroom slices in parmesan cream sauce. PHP460.

Spaghetti con ragout … rich meat sauce with pancetta, mushrooms, tomatoes, vegetables and wine. PHP430.

Spaghetti puntanesca … anchovies and chili flavored tomato paste with olives and capers. PHP430.

Spaghetti with meatballs … special meatballs made from a blend of ground pork, beef, regato and parmesan cheese braised in aromatic tomato sauce. PHP460.

Penne arabiatta … extra spicy fresh tomato sauce with assorted Italian herbs. PHP370

Penne Roberto … a perfect blend of gorgonzola cheese, cream and assorted herbs, with chicken fillet, roasted garlic and sun dried tomatoes. PHP515.

Penne H3T … pumpkin slices, carrot, mushroom, broccoli, asparagus roasted in olive oil, seasoned with garlic and chili peppers. PHP430.

Spaghetti con frutti di mare … salmon mahimahi, prawns, imported mussels fresh tomato sauce with herbs PHP540.

Spaghetti amatricians … imported guanciale, mushroom slices in aromatic white wine enticed tomato sauce PHP460.

All pastas are served with freshly baked garlic bread.


Risotto con fruiti di mare … salmon, marlin, prawns,imported mussels perfectly blended in tomato and saffron flavored parmesan risotto. PHP 720

Risotto Rustico … with roasted chicken tenders, snow peas julienne mushroom slices and Italian parsley PHP620.

Risotto Kristina … Salmon and prawn risotto with asparagus, broccoli and mushroom slices, enticed with white truffle oil and Italian parsley PHP 720.

There are also a range of salads and soups ranging from PHP130 for the Cream of Tomato soup through to PHP515 for the Special C salad.

At C-Italian they also make a comprehensive range of delicious deserts the most famous of which are the black and white chocolate cake and for the sweet tooth the delicious mouthwatering lemon cheese cake and the irresistible Crème Brulee.

Dining at C-Italian is to experience the best fine dining Angeles has to offer. This is a fashionable restaurant well known amongst the Filipino locals and expats alike. The cuisine although of the highest standard is reasonably priced and Chef Chris is a profoundly excellent chef as well being an entertainer.

Chef Chris claims a large percentage of his clientele are Filipinos and locally based expats with only a few tourists. This is Angeles premier restaurant and if you are over here on holiday remember no visit is complete without the C-Italian dining experience.

C-Italian is Asian Escapades friendly and will offer a 10% discount off the total bill upon presentation of the Asian Escapades membership card.


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